Bounded Open Space

“Bounded Open Space” is a simple but powerful concept with broad utility. Realms as diverse as strategic planning and problem solving, marriage and family, travel and creativity, peak performance and personal development can all be enriched by application of this little-known discipline.

At its simplest, bounded open space involves defined but unscripted space that we engage intentionally. Open-space applications require:

  • Creating and defining the space
  • Setting in motion a directed but unscripted process
  • Incorporating a few key elements
  • Engaging the space and trusting the process
  • Assessing outcomes and making needed adjustments.

We have incorporated bounded open space components into a variety of endeavors over the last couple of decades, with consistent — sometimes astounding — results. Marriage and family system upgrades are common outcomes. Executive and legacy coaching experiences are profoundly enriched. And bounded open space has provided the fundamental framework for countless life-changing sabbaticals.

Check out this short Toccati video (under 12 minutes) for more light on this intriguing topic. You’ll learn about some of the sources and seminal thinkers that have shaped my own understanding of bounded open space, and how we can all incorporate such space into our own lives.

(The video was originally produced prior to one of our renown travel immersion experiences in Tuscany. You’ll find information about this year’s Toccati excursion(s), each containing this built-in open-space ethos to varying degrees, on the Toccati website.)