Doug Fike is a seasoned coach, a lifelong learner, an award-winning photographer, a seminal thinker, a reluctant founder, a values-based entrepreneur, a roving adventurer, a catalytic consultant, and a proactive husband and father.



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Doug has founded an array of initiatives that have grown out of the way he tends to do life. Out-of-the-box, values-based, full-throttle. With an eye to connecting and unleashing people, maximizing potential and changing things for the better.


Doug has been coaching and being coached for decades — a natural outflow of his inherently relationally-based approach to life, penchant for keeping it real, and passion to walk with folks committed to making the world a better place.


Doug's organizational resourcing often grows out of coaching relationships with founders and point leaders. He does a limited amount of additional consulting with business and non-profit organizations, often during times of change or upheaval.